1. Go to events manager (https://www.facebook.com/events_manager2/list) If the sign in page is displayed, please sign in with your Facebook account.

2. You would be redirected to this page. On the left side of the screen, Click Connect Data Sources.

3. Select Web, Then Click Connect.

4. Click Facebook Pixel then Connect.

5. Input your app name and the whole URL of your Store.  Then click Continue.

6. Click Install Code Manually.

7. Click the copy code. Then Click Continue. 

8. Turn on automatic advanced matching.  Then click Continue.

9. Click Open Event Set up tool.

10. Close the modal or click cancel. Don’t close this tab.

11. Log in to your CMS account. https://cms.skwynt.com/

12. Hover to Site Settings then click My Site.

13. Scroll down until you see the Facebook pixel (Standard). Enable it and paste the code snippet below. Then click save.

14. Go back to the event manager tab and refresh the page.

15. Click Test Events.

16. Input the whole URL of your Store in the test browser events. Then click Open Website. If it opens a new tab to your store, just close that tab. 

Then on your event manager tab, please refresh.. 

17. Click Settings. Scroll down to see the Track events Automatically Without Code label, then turn it on.

18. Above the Track events Automatically without code. Click the Open Event Set up Tool. 

19. Input the whole URL of your store then click Open Website. It will open a new tab redirecting you to your store

20. Wait for a moment until the modal gets displayed then click Next.

21. Click Get started.

22. You can create an event using Button clicks or Track URL.

23. If you want to track a button and add an event to it, go to the page where the button you want to have an event. In this case I want to track the add to cart button in the store. Click the Track new button. Then It will highlight all the buttons it could detect. Click the Add to cart button.

24. After clicking it, Click the Set up Event then select Add to cart. 

25. Click Choose value on page if you want to see how much it costs. Then input the Price and click confirm.

26. If you want to add an event by visiting the URL, go to that page, click track URL. Then select the event you want. Then click confirm. 

27. If you’re finish adding all the events that you wanted. Click Finish Set up.

28. Click Finish

29. You can click skip here or submit a feedback.

30. You would then be redirected to the events manager page, if not you can go to events manager page manually.

31. Hit refresh then click Test Events to see all the events you’ve created.