To add a Facebook Messenger Integration to your online store:

    1. Open Facebook in your browser and go to your Facebook Page.

    2. When you’re on your facebook page. Click settings.

   3. Select Messaging

4. Scroll down and find the Add Messenger to your website. Then click Get Started.

5. You would be redirected to this page. Simply click Next

6. Here you can input a greeting where customers can see when they visit your page. You can also enable guest chat. 

7. Once done editing, click Next

8. You can also enable custom color and edit the position and prominence to your liking. 

9. Once done, click Next

10. Insert the full url of your website including the https, then click the save button under it.

11. After clicking save, hover your mouse pointer on the code snippet then left click to copy it. Then click Finish. 

12. Then a new interface will appear. Please click the done button.

13. Log in to your Skwynt Store here (

14. After signing in. Hover your mouse on Site Settings, then click Chat Integration.

15. Enable the Facebook Chat Integration and paste the code snippet below. Then click save.