Once you have signed up for your online store/trial account, you will need to complete the 6 basic steps required to setup your online store:


1. Add your business address:



2. Decide if you would allow cash on delivery (COD):



3. Decide if you would like to add a bank deposit option. If yes, type in your bank name, bank account details, and instructions in the fields below:



4. Choose to enable other payment gateway options. You may skip this step if you have enabled cash on delivery and/or bank deposit:



5. Indicate whether you are shipping within Metro Manila or outside of Metro Manila, or both (1 and 3). Next, specify your shipping rates for the locations you have enabled (2 and 4). You can set these to zero if you are offering free shipping:




6. Choose and activate the theme for your online store:




Congratulations! Your initial online store setup is complete and you can proceed to the Dashboard and other sections to add or change information on your store: